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okay i’ve been recently informed that people are worried for my well being (?) enough to ask after me, so i thought i’d stop in and give a little status report on what i’ve been up

  • i was hangin out with ashley from the beginning of june until the beginning the august and i was on tumblr a lot then but then i got home and i wasn’t on as much
  • i’ve read a lot of fanfics (mostly hetalia (and some invader zim fics about two weeks ago bc i needed more reads))
  • i’ve been playing a lot of sims 3; i got a shit ton of custom and premium content bc i like making fandom sims nd my latest project is hetalia sims (so far i have america, canada, france, england, both italies, an germany done while prussia as been started but not finished)
  • i’ve been playing a lot of kirby triple deluxe (fuck yeah kirby)
  • i bought the sims 4 and checked it out (it’s p fuckin a)
  • i just bought skyrim like two days ago
  • i’ve mostly been playing sims 3 like holy shit wow a lot
  • and a little sims 2 (fuckin love the sims)
  • I’M A COLLEGE FRESHMAN NOW WOW yeah okay this should have been closer to the top but i’m a professional slacker and i have five (three rn) online classes (two are half a semester and start in october) so that pretty solidly occupies an entire day (usually sunday bc i have a week to do it all and i wait until the last minute)
  • rn my classes are a literature class, a sociology class, and i’m starting to study japanese!
  • i plan on being an english major and japanese minor; sounds so fun, right?
  • uuuuum ashley and i have been talking on the phone every saturday (except not a couple weeks ago bc i was exhausted and needed to do my classwork) where we chat and play civ v (wakE UP SHEEPLE) and steam had a civ sale p recently so we got the two expansions and all the dlc (wtf is this faith nonsense!?)
  • i am a lazy little shit and i sleep all day while i’m up all night don’t be me don’t do this to yourself it’s terrible
  • i do things in spurts so this is just one of my “no tumblr” phases don’t worry i’ll be back eventually i swear
  • i’ve been watching a lot of game grumps and markiplier on youtube (mostly when i eat)
  • idk if i ever mentioned but i have braces now! (yeah an 18 yo w/ braces wat a loooser) they’re not metal braces, tho, they’re invisalign which is p fucking sweet bc i can take these lil shits out and eat whatever the fuck i want (people say these are a hastle bc you have to take them out a lot but hAAAA I CAN EAT POPCORN AND SHIT MWAHAHA)
  • uuum i got super mario 3d world bc the grumps played it and it’s cute and shit and it looked fun
  • i preordered both smash bros, hyrule warriors, and pokemon alpha sapphire the other day so there’s that
  • uuuuuum i think that’s p much everything!

thanks so much for all of the new followers lately (where do you all come from i haven’t posted in weeks???) and for everyone that’s stuck around, you’re awesome. i love all of you <3


I love japanese bc it’s so regular and logical. eg,

kore = this, sore = that, dore = which
koko = here, soko = there, doko = where
koitsu = this person, soitsu = that person, doitsu = germany


I’m a short poutine..

anyone else played sims 4 yet? bc wOW IT’S SO WILDLY DIFFERENT and yet still very much the same


#moscow #moscow_gram (в Храм святого Григория Неокесарийского)


Cartoon Bully Stereotype Collection





it’s happening

Imma frick them


excuse me but your url is “fuck—spock”



When people fish for compliments
Vine by: Logan Paul

this deserves an oscar


My favorite thing about Five Nights At Freddys is all the horrified commentary from non-Americans just now finding out those animatronic bands are a thing that actually exist


Seriously though, if you don’t think asexual representation is important, you need to get educated, because it is really hard to live in a sex-centric culture and not be interested in sex. 

I have seen so many posts about finding out about asexuality after joining tumblr and you know what word almost all over them have in common? Broken. 

And that’s fucked up. 

oh no


Most pirated games by state (via The Washington Post) [839 x 481]


Wow, check out this great photo of nothing but carpeted stairs.